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About the company

The story began almost eight years ago. Our company was founded with a focus on the swimming pool industry and named after our family. We have always believed  in being professional, while providing customers with quality products.

Having observed the Australian climate and the gaps in the industry, it was clear that the question of pool and spa coverage is unresolved. Pools are often polluted by falling with leaves, sandstorms and rainwater and the changing weather conditions. 

In response to these challenges, we have designed and developed an easy-to-install solution that can be used with existing  new pools and spas alike.

Over the past three years our engineering team have worked diligently to create our unique and customised system. 

Maleco  is a forward-looking company focused on swimming pool and spa covering, products and solutions against the Australian sun. Our mission was to find an unique covering  system that is most importantly child safe, provides protection from the sun and a shade system, which saves you money as well.


Our factory is located in Melbourne, Victoria. We look forward to opening our new factory in Queensland soon.

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