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Swimming Pool Cover and Shade System

Two-in-one pool protection? Multi- purpose covering system.

Pool covers are a must if you want to keep your water clean, reduce evaporation and a shade sail is equally important to prevent your skin from burning while you swim. Surely someone would have thought of a method to combine both of these into one system, right? Well, that is exactly what we have done. 


The Maleco pool cover is simply an ingenious product that is manufactured right here in Australia. When you are not using your pool, the Maleco sits over your pool just like a regular cover, preventing evaporation and keeping your children and pets safe. When it is time to cool off, just press a button and the cover rises 2m above your pool to transform into a roof. The Maleco roof will protect you from 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while you swim or just lounge around your pool.


The Maleco is made from high-quality materials and can be customised to fit above pools of any shape and size. It will also help keep your pool clean, reduce maintenance time and the use of chemicals.

Pool cover purpose (when it has been lowered)

  • Keep your water clean, even dust free (less chemicals and cleaning hours)

  • Holds water temperature for hours (saves money on heating)

  • Reduces evaporation close to NIL (saves money on your water bills)

  • Safety device which protects your loved ones (saving your children and pets is priceless)

Shade purpose

  • Protecting your skin from high UV rays reduces your chance of developing skin cancer.  

Colour Chart of Structure

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