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Advantages of  MALECO Pool & Spa Cover

  • High quality and beautiful appearance

  • Keeps water clean and hot in the pool

  • Protects against harmful sunlights

  • Perfectly safe for kids and pets

  • Longer swimming season 

  • Less water treatment and chemicals

  • Suitable for any shape and can be fitted later to any existing pool


Elegance & Quality

MALECO pool and spa covering system is made from the highest quality material provided by Australian suppliers. Reliable and safe lifting is ensured by a technology based on robotic technology.

In appearance MALECO pool and spa covering perfectly suit any building aesthetic and blends in with the environment.


99.9 & Uv block

UV A and UV B exposure due to ozone depletion has lead to an increase in the number of skin disorders and skin cancers all over the world and Australia in particular .

 MALECO pool and spa covering system uses SUNLITE polycarbonate sheet blocks out approximately 99.9% of UV radiation, thus providing full protection for you and your family.



The covered swimming pool prevents children and animals from falling in the water. The loading capacity of the cover is 8o kg, which  eliminates the risk of collapsing, if you walk over the swimming pool or you drop something on it. Further potential hazards are prevented and controlledby child-safety features. 



The rubber insulation is designed to ensure that the pool is tightly sealed, and also to prevent any kind of water contamination (e.g.: leaves, insects ), thus significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. 


Not only does the solar smart technology keep the water at optimum temperature but also heats it through the solar effect, which will allow for significant cost saving.



 Factory and showroom:  7/130 Indian Drive

 ( Indian Business Park ) Keysborough 3173 Vic                                       Melbourne

 Tel.: 0452233914    Mail:

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