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Finally,  The Maleco Sunrise spa cover  is not only a spa cover, it’s also an automated, state of the art, easy to use ( press button ) cover. 




With the Maleco Sunset swim spa cover , your swim spa will be more accessible and easier to use than ever! 

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The Maleco pool  cover and shade is a multi-purpose system that is manufactured right here in Australia.


Luxury Design

The Maleco Cover not only is a nice accessory for the pool area but also it is special because of Led light and optional painting.


The covered swimming pool prevents children and animals from falling in the water.


MALECO pool and spa covering system is made from the highest quality material provided by Australian suppliers


The Smart Solar Polycarbonate in the daytime heats the water, at night it isolates the heated water, so consequently the swimming season is considerably longer.


High quality PLC center reliable working is ensured by a technology based on robotic technology.

99% UV Block

The SUNLITE polycarbonate sheet blocks out approximately 99.9% of UV radiation, thus providing full protection for you and your family.


The Maleco Spa and Pool cover system absolutely maintenance-free. It does not need any lubricant.

Easy to use

To use of the cover is very simple and safe. Press the button to start and the cover rises or lowered automatically.

Modern technology

Reliable and safe lifting is ensured by a technology based on robotic technology.

 I chose the Maleco Swim Spa Cover for four reasons. 

Firstly, It’s a very practical solution. Especially for a large Swim Spa. Keeps water warm and clean. All electronic. No lifting or having to store the cover. Secondly, it acts as a roof and is permanent. 

Thirdly, it’s a fairly new Australian small business. And the owners went out of there way to show what the product does and how it’s made. Fourthly, we thought it was very good value compared to other overseas brands. 

We are very happy with the Maleco Auto Spa Cover. Operation is simple and  the service has been very good and quick to respond. 




Our previous swim spa cover was big & heavy so needed at least 2 people to move it & because of this we didn’t use the whole

swim spa very often. Our new Maleco swim spa cover is easy for one as you just push a button & it goes up & down with no problems.

Also the great thing is the lid becomes a roof to protect us from the sun or any weather. Wish we had found it sooner. Thank you Maleco team 


Best Regards

Sue and Tony

The Maleco pool roof is absolutely brilliant ,and yet so simple, and I’m amazed that no one has thought of this before.

You want to use the pool, simply turn a key to unlock the system, then push a button and the roof rises quietly and smoothly,

and when you’re finished, do the same, and it lowers


The pool roof ticks all the boxes for a pool owner, and a very cost effective solution.


I cannot thank the team at Maleco enough, as this has added value to our property, and made life so much easier with the

maintenance of the pool, and I wish them every success with this system.

Every pool in Australia should have one, and I cannot praise this product enough.


Thank you

Adrian and 




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